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Here you can talk with the other wizards and know all about the latest gossip.

Please, choose one of the topics bellow.

» News: Official News of the Lisbon School of Magic.
» Help: If you have doubts about the game, this is the right place to answer them.
» Games: All that concerns QM, Penteuros and the School’s games.
» Self knowledge: Past lives, guardian sorceresses and other sort of introspective subjects.
» Magic and spells: Discussion about magic in general and spells in particular.
» Introductions: Place where the new wizards can present themselves.
» Books: Discussion about your favorite books.
» Ideas and suggestions: Do you have a brilliant idea to improve to School of Magic? We want to hear it!
» Express yourself: Did you like the School of Magic? Here you can express your opinion about this site.
» Small talk: Rumors, gossips and everything else that does not fit in the previous topics.
» Technical problems: Did you find a problem in the site? Please tell us, so that we can solve it.
» Javascript: Nice language that runs in all browsers.
» Masters and Disciples: Apply to become a Professor and to share your extensive knowledge with young apprentices.
You need, at least, 300 MQ points to become a Professor.

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