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Wizard Zulmiro's book recommendations

  I recommend the following texts by our students:
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Paços de Pereira news for your Bedroom

Hold on tornado by VACASLOUCAS2018
100000 Penteuros

Math homework by COOLGAMES
500 Penteuros

God title of power by COOLGAMES
10000 Penteuros

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You are in the main hall.

From here you can:

Celestial Harmony Altar

The Celestial Harmony Altar awaits your visit. Which sacred dragon will you choose?


We are looking for teachers for the Lisbon School of Magic

We are looking for the best teachers for the Lisbon School of Magic. You can apply at the Forum by creating a new topic.

We will highlight all wizards who stand out for their devotion to the teaching of magic and the preservation of the ancient and noble arts of the occult. To this end, on 6 January 2019, we will bestow the following awards:

  • A prize for the 10 Teachers who have the highest number of disciples.
  • A prize for the 10 Teachers who have the highest number of disciples with a MQ greater than or equal to 10.
  • A prize for every disciple you have.

To know which wizards are currently in the top places of this competition, consult the Masters Ranking.



Dragon Sikratho needs your help to find the most delicious fruits! Do not be deceived by the absence of wings, legs and arms. Sikratho is a dragon like the best and his heart burns with desire for a vegetarian diet.


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