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The face of love

On a beautiful night and in a beautiful home in a quiet neighborhood, lived a couple who had a child of only six years old. They were nevertheless happy. Marcelo and Lisa were in the room talking about "how was their day" and Lucas was in the room sleeping like an angel.

-Lisa, how was your day today?
-It was great my love, even better with you by my side, and yours?
-Well. You know, every time I look at you, I'm more passionate.

At that time they had a glimpse of a flash, were confused, but saw no one, so they returned to the subject.

-Really Love? Why?
-For every day I cannot live without you!
Lisa was thrilled at that time.
-Why are you crying, my love?

Lisa with a trembling voice said...

-It is nothing, my love, but now that you told me that, it crossed my mind that maybe I do not deserve your love.
-Stop it Lisa, you and I know very well that we love each other a lot.
-You... You really love me.
-Of course, as I have never loved anyone in my entire life.
Lisa lowered her head and was silent for a while, then Marcelo asked her a question with tears in his eyes...

-You are not feeling well Lisa? What happened?
-Nothing Marcelo, go to sleep. I need to sleep because tomorrow I have to wake up early, you know why!?
-Yeah I know, we have to work, so let's sleep.
-Yes we will, but before that I will go the bedroom to Lucas, our little angel.
-Okay, I will wait for you in the room.

Lisa went to Lucas's room, and with a look of sadness in her eyes said:

-My angel, I did not want to cause you to be sad, but all I did was thinking about your future, my beautiful. May God protect you and your father.

Lisa kissed her son and went to her room to get some sleep. She sat next to Marcelo and embraced him with love. Marcelo did not understand.

-What is it, my love?
-Do not speak Marcelo, just let me hold you please.

And they spent the night embraced. The next day, Lisa left early without warning Marcelo. When he woke up he missed her and searched throughout the house for her.

-Lisa? Lisa? Lisa? Where did she go? Does she leave without telling me? Strange.

Marcelo went to see Lucas in his room to see how his son was. Lucas was still sleeping.

-Lucas, it's time to wake up boy, let's have breakfast and go out to buy a present for mom, after all today is her birthday. Let's go?
-Come on, Dad.
-Then go.

Marcelo went with Lucas to buy a present for Lisa and prepare a party for her.

-Good morning Marcelo! Hello Lucas!
-Good morning Mr Joćo! Talk to Mr Joćo, Lucas.
-Good morning Mr Joćo.
-Oh, these kids today.

Mr Joćo gave a few laughs along with Marcelo.

-Mr Joćo, I need some accessories. I want to prepare a party for Lisa. How much is your party package?
-It costs R$:200, but as you are friends I will lower the price to R$:100.
-Yes, that's right...

And Marcelo chuckled.

-How long will it take to deliver it at home?
-Is two hours good enough for you?
-That's fine, bye.
-Bye Marcelo.
-Bye Mr Joćo.
-Bye little spider man.

And Lucas chuckled. Outside the store, they see a poster advertising "Party package for only R$:100". Marcelo says wryly:

-Friends? I know better.

Marcelo goes to a jewelry store and decides to buy a beautiful necklace for Lisa.

-I'll buy that, okay?

After buying the necklace, Marcelo goes to the house with Lucas to prepare the party for Lisa before her arrival. After a few hours the party is ready and Marcelo, Lucas begin missing Lisa.

-My God, Lisa is taking too long! I wonder what happened? I'm worried.
-Dad I want mom.
-Easy Lucas, she will be here in a second, ok? Meanwhile, go and eat the chocolate that your mother prepared for us two. Be quick, or I will eat it first.
-No, I'll eat first.

Smiling, Lucas runs to kitchen to eat the chocolate. At the same time, Marcelo felt a pain in the chest and sits on the couch, his hand on his chest.

-My, what a terrible premonition, this meaningless pain.

At that moment the bell rings, Marcelo opens the door and meets a policeman who is his friend.

-Your are lat..., what are you doing here Rick?
-Marcelo, I have bad news for you.
-What is it?
-I need you to be strong.
-Will you talk already? You are leaving me angry.
-It is Lisa.
-What about Lisa?
-She had an accident and died.

At that same moment the glass of milk on Lucas's hand fell to the ground and broke. Marcelo's eyes filled with tears that streamed down his face. Marcelo started shouting Lisa's name.

-Lisa? Lisa? Lisa? It cannot be, this is not true, it did not happen.
-Unfortunately, Marcelo, it happened.
-Where is she?
-She is in a hospital. The accident happened on Main Street.
-Daddy, what happened to Mom?

Marcelo gave Lucas a hug and said:

-Son, everything will be fine okay? We are going to see your mother now and everything will be fine.
-Let's go Marcelo?
-Let's go Rick. Come on Lucas.

Rick led Marcelo and Lucas to the hospital where Lisa was. When they got there, Lisa's body was in a closed neutral room. Marcelo entered the room with his eyes filled with tears. He held Lisa's body and began crying.

-No Lisa, why did this happen? Why did you left us Lisa? What happened? I love you, my love please do not leave me.

Lucas entered the room, looked at his mother, and stood in a corner crying. Marcelo saw Lucas and hugged him. Some hours later they left the room and went home.

-Daddy, Mommy's not coming back? Where did she go? What happened?
-Lucas, you have to know one thing, when a person dies, she will not come back, so your mother will not come back.
-Dad how will I live without Mom?
-Stay calm. I'm here with you. Nothing bad will happen, okay? Now go to sleep, it is very late. Give me a kiss and go to bed.

When Lucas was about to enter his room, he rushed and hugged his father.

-What is it my son?
-I love you dad. Promise that will never leave me, will you?
-I promise, and I love you so much, see?

So Lucas went to sleep and Marcelo lay in his bed.

That night the doorbell rang and Marcelo. It was Rick.

-Hi friend, how are you?
-Hi Rick. Come in.
-How is Lucas?
-He is asleep. Poor boy! This is too much for his little head. He is a pretty strong boy, but I don't know how he endured it all.
-Poor man! I know it is too early for this, but once you left, a friend of Lisa went to the hospital. You were already gone and she asked me to warn you that Lisa left a very valuable thing in the bank. She said she was going to die and only Lucas could retrieve that precious thing because only he knows the password.
-But who is this friend of hers?
-Her name is Susana. Do you know her?
-Susana? I think it was a friend from school. She leaves near Lucas's school. Tomorrow I will go to her house. It is Saturday. She probably is at home. Poor Lisa! She died thinking I working.
-And was not it?
-No, I took a day off and Lucas missed school. I told her I would go to work today.
-Ah, but why?
-Look around.
-I understand... Surprise party?
-Well, I will leave now. See you tomorrow. Get some rest.
-I am sorry.
-Thanks, bye.
-Good night.

Lucas was in his room when he began to dream of his mother telling him some things.

-Lucas, do not forget what I told you. Tell your father. Do not forget.
-What Mom?
-Remember, my son, please remember.

So Lucas woke very frightened and run to Marcelo's room.

-Daddy, Daddy will you let me sleep in your room, please?
-What happened to Lucas?
-I had a nightmare.
-Nightmare? Lucas, do not lie. You had plenty of nightmares before and you never ran to my room. Tell me the truth.
-It is the truth father. Will you let me sleep here?
-Okay, but tomorrow you will explain that story better.
-Good night Daddy.
-Good night Lucas.
Next day, Marcelo woke up Lucas and was willing to go to Susana's house.

-Wake up Lucas. Let's have our breakfast. And tell me what happened yesterday. It was not a nightmare?
-No daddy. It was mother.
-Lisa? What about her?
-She said I had to remember one thing she told me.
-And what did she tell you?
-I do not remember Dad.
-What will you do?
-I will go out. I'll leave you at Rick's home, okay?

Marcelo went Rick's home to leave Lucas.

-Hi Marcelo, how are you?
-Well. I need your help.
-What is it?
-Can you stay with Lucas? 'm going to Susana's house.
-Marcelo, I have to go to work, but my wife can stay with him, can't you Angela?
-Of course I love children, but this idiot does not want anything.

Marcelo laugh along with Angela.

-Okay, then I promise to be back soon. Bye Lucas.
-Bye daddy.

Marcelo went to Susana's home to discover what was in the bank.

-Susana? You home?
-Hi Marcelo, I am sorry.
-Thanks, I heard what you said to my friend about something precious in the bank.
-I shouldn't have said it.
-Marcelo, my best friend died. I cannot tell anything about what happened to her. The only thing I can say is that Lisa left a very valuable thing in the bank for her son, and only he can take it from there.
-But how?
-She said she spoke with her son, he should know.
-I think he forgot.
-So forget all about it. He needs a phrase to take it.
-But what is that phrase?
-I do not know, but it is something that can change the future of your child!

Marcelo was leaving when he saw a flash. He remembered that night when he was talking with Lisa and saw a flash too. But when he looked he only saw one guy in the black coat. He found it odd, but didn't think too much of it. He went to Rick's house to pick up his son and then plan Lisa's funeral.

-Hi Dad. Let's go?
-Thanks Angela.
-It was a pleasure to take care of him. He is an angel. Bye.

Marcelo bought the coffin and Lisa was buried. When the funeral ended, Marcelo glimpsed another flash and saw the same gay in the black coat. Marcelo asked Lucas's aunt to take him home.

-Elizabete, take Lucas home, please.
-Of course, Marcelo.

Then, Marcelo ran after the man so fast that he reached him. Marcelo pushed the man and asked many questions.

-Why do you keep taking pictures of me? What for? To whom?
-Easy. I'm just a journalist and photographer.
-So why did you took my picture? I'm not famous.
-But your wife was.

With a look of anger, Marcelo asked:

-What did you say?
-Yes, your wife was the mistress of one of the richest guys around the country, Jorge Canore.
-You do not know what you're saying.
-Yes, I do and I can prove it to you.
-I will go to your house tonight.
-You know where I live?
-Yes, I know. I took a photo of you all on Thursday.
-The flash we saw. So it was you... I'll wait for you but if you don't show up...
-Look at the situation that you and your child both are. You have no moral to threaten anybody.

So the photographer was gone. Marcelo went home thinking about it.

-Lisa betraying me? This is impossible! I never imagined she would betray him. This guy must be lying, I am sure.

Then he arrived and his home and found Lucas and his aunt Elizabete.

-Elizabete, can Lucas sleep at your house today? I had a full day.
-Sure. Let's go Lucas?
-Let's go aunt. Bye dad.
-Bye son.

The night fell and then the photographer arrived. The bell rings and Marcelo opened the door.

-So where's the evidence?
-Calm down. Can I come in?
-Enter, but be quick. Where's the evidence?
-They are here. Everything I told you is true. Your wife was the mistress of Jorge Canore.

The photographer gave Marcelo an envelope with photos of Lisa with Jorge Canore.

Marcelo, with tears in his eyes, says:

-It cannot be. How could Lisa do that to me? Why?
-Now you will have to run away. Perhaps even leave the country.
-This villain wants to kill your son.
-Lucas? Why? He's just a child.
-I hope you're ready, because I'll tell you all that happened. As photographer and journalist, I investigate the life of Jorge Canore, because he is one of the worst criminals in this region, perhaps the richest in the country. All that is related to him is important to my journal.
-But what Lisa had to do with it?
-As I had said before your wife was his mistress. As he is very rich, you wife somehow managed to get him to sign a paper.
-What was in that paper?
-In that paper was written that Jorge's most valuable piece should be given to Lucas Adellar.
-That's my son.
Then, after Jorge signed the paper she kept it in the bank. But then one of Jorge's bodyguards warned him that he had to read the paper before signing. Jorge was upset about it. He thought it was already too late to know what was written in that paper. Then this thug said he had a copy of the paper. Jorge read it and was so angry that he wanted to kill her and left quickly to look for her.
-Impossible. Lisa died in an accident.
-Oh, you're wrong. Lisa did not die in the accident. Jorge killed her. He made it look like an accident, and it worked.

Marcelo was very angry and sad at the same time, and cried as if the world had ended for him.

-Now there is no time to cry. You have to save your life and your son's life. By this time he is already looking for your son.

-But where do I go? I do not have where to go.
-Tomorrow I move here and will give you a good amount of money for you and your child to leave the country.
-Ok, but... I do not know how to thank you.
-Thank me by escaping with your son. Now I have to go, until tomorrow.

Marcelo could not sleep, thinking about everything he heard from the photographer.

It dawns and the bell rings. It is Elizabete with Lucas.

-Marcelo, Lucas wants to be with you, so I brought him okay?
-Ok, great, thanks.
-Daddy, how are you?
-Well Lucas, but we will have to go.
-Go where?
-I do not know, but it is far away.
-I do not want to leave.
-Me neither, but we need.

The doorbell rings. It was the photographer, and so Marcelo opens the door. He enters the house. The photographer was and under stress and quite scared.

-Marcelo, Jorge and his henchmen have discovered where you live. They certainly will come here. I know this is not the time to present myself, but I my name is Jean. Is the boy here? They will kill him.
-What do we do?
-Do you have any place to hide?
-In the basement.
-So come on, and fast.

At that moment the bell rings and someone bangs repeatedly on the door.

- Open the door. I know you are there. If you don't I'll knock down the door and end up with you!

Then they break down the door and start looking for Marcelo and Lucas around the house, while Marcelo, Lucas and Jean (photographer), were in the basement, listening to the men talking.

-This must be the basement. They can only be here!

Jean is terrified, and Marcelo hugs Lucas with his eyes closed.

-What shall we do Marcelo?
-Before they break down the door, let's break the window and run away.

So the bad guys hear the glass breaking.

-There are people down there, let's just break that door and get the kid.

So Lucas goes out the window first, then Jean and finally Marcelo. When he was about to leave, one of the bandits grabbed the foot of Marcelo. The villain tries to pull it in, but he gives a kick in the nose of this villain, who releases his leg.

-Quick Marcelo! We have to run to get away from here.

And they ran very quickly, Marcelo with Lucas in his arms, and behind them the two bandits began shooting at them. Some of the shots hit innocent people who were now in the street.

-Shoot that boy! You have missed him.

Marcelo, Lucas and Jean were desperate and saw the street. Jorge shot the head of one of the bandits, because he had failed to shoot Lucas. They enter the car and start chasing Marcelo, Lucas and Jean.

Marcelo, Jean and Lucas get into a dead end, to hide from the bandits. The bandits inside the car do not see them.

-They are gone. Where do we go now?
-Now I do not know... I left the money there in your house.
-Let's go back fast in order to get the money.
-Maybe, but if one of the henchmen of Jorge is there?
-We have to take chances.
-Dad, I'm afraid.
-Easy Lucas, nothing will happen to you okay?

Then they returned to Marcelo's home. When they got there they saw two of the henchmen of Jorge at the door.

-There are Joćo's men.
-Now I do not know what I'll do.
-Well, you will have to go to my house. You can stay there until I get the money for you to leave the country, because now I'm without any money.
-Why are you helping us? You do not know me right.
-I know, but I cannot let this happen to you. I would live with it in my head. Now, accept my help.

Then they went to Jean's home. When they arrived, the home of Jean was quite messy.

-I wonder what happened here?
-It was the henchmen of Jorge, I'm sure.
-They ruined all my clothes.

At that time, Jorge and his henchmen appeared and surrounded the three.

-I knew they were hiding Jean.

At that time Lucas cried and hugged his father.

-Father, I am afraid.
-Yes, you fled, but could not hide.

Jorge was laughing loudly.

-Now I'll finish you. Even better, I'll kill the journalist and the blame will be yours.
-How so? You kill my wife, you ruin my life and still want to kill my son and put me in jail.
-Yeah I already called the police. They are now coming before they arrive I want that journalist dead.

Jorge pretended he dropped a gun, then at that moment Marcelo took the gun.

-And now? Will you get out of the way and allow us to leave.
-No we won't.
-Are you crazy? He'll shoot you, and it seems that the dying is not me but you.
-You can shoot. It has no bullet. It was a plan.

Marcelo shot, but he had really no bullet. Jorge picked up another gun and shot at Jean. Marcelo and Lucas were startled. Then the thugs held the Marcelo and Jorge took Lucas. Lucas was screaming panicked and they took him into the car. The gunmen knocked on Marcelo. Marcelo was lying on the floor in pain and with tears running down all his face. The bandits went away, so the police arrived and saw Jean dead and Marcelo on the floor. Then they arrested Marcelo. Inside the bandits' car, Lucas was crying.

-Do not cry boy. I still haven't killed your. Do you know why? Because you are my child and not that idiot's son.
-That's a lie. You're not my father.
-I am thinking about drowning you in a lake. Stop the car here and throw the kid in the lake behind that bush. Go now.

Then one of the henchmen of Jorge took the boy, and Lucas was crying.

-Look boy, shut up. I'll let you get away, but for this you need to be quiet. Now walk away.

That thug got into the car.

-So, did you finish the boy?
-Yes, sir.

The bandits went away and Lucas walked, alone and sad, until a woman appeared on the road and saw him.

-Hi! What are you doing here on this road alone?
-I want my father.
-But who is your father? What happened? You must be hungry. Come with me. I work in an orphanage. You can eat and rest there okay?

Then at the orphanage Lucas told what had happened to Julia (the woman who found Lucas). At prison, Marcelo was accused of killing Jean.

-I did not kill Jean.
-Then how did your fingerprints ended up on that gun?
-It was a plan of the bandits.
-What bandits? You're crazy. We received a complaint claiming that a man would kill another, and he killed him. Take him to the cell.

Marcelo screamed that he needed to get is child out of the hands of bandits.

-Free me. They will kill my son. I have to run behind those guys. Let go.

He was arrested. The bandits were watching TV when they saw a story about a woman saying she had found a six years old boy who was lost. Then a picture of Lucas appeared on TV.

-You did not kill the boy?

And Jorge shot him..

-Now I have to go to that orphanage.

When he arrived at the orphanage he saw Lucas playing. Lucas saw him and started running. Jorge began chasing Lucas while the gunmen were in the car. Julia found the car that was in front of the orphanage, found it odd and called the police. She entered the orphanage to see how Lucas was. Lucas entered a room in the orphanage and Jorge entered too. He tried to hang Lucas.

- And now, boy? You gave me work, but I'll tie you up now.

Lucas was already without strength at that time when Julia broke a pitcher on the head of Jorge, and he passed out. She got Lucas and led him out of the room.

-Are you okay?

The police entered the room, saw Jorge and took him and his henchmen to jail.

-It has been many years that I wanted to arrest this guy. He is the worst villain of the country.

Lucas was very frightened by what happened, and with neck pain.

-I want my father, I want to stay with him.
-Easy Lucas. You will see him, but we need to alert the police about what happened so that your father can be free. Saying alone is not enough. We must have evidence too.
-My angel, I'll fix it okay? I don't know how, but there must be some solution.

In prison, some prisoners wanted Marcelo to work with them.

- I want you to work with me.
-Doing what?
-Taking messages for the upper and seeking some important things.
-No, I'm sorry. I do not want to get involved with drugs.
-Are you crazy? You know you can get into trouble here, don't you?
-Yes, I know, but I do not want to get involved with it.
-Hey guys, someone here is disagreeing. I think he wants to know the strength of our hands.
-Look man, I do not want confusion.
-Yes, but it seems you got into one.

The prisoners were offended by what Marcelo said, and began to strike him. He was a mess and severely injured. Marcelo could no longer stand being away from Lucas. He cried and called his name.

-Lucas, where are you my son? Lucas ... Lucas ... Lucas ...

At that time, Jorge and his men arrived at the prison. Marcelo saw them and was very worried about Lucas, thinking they had done something with him.

-Oh my God, what have they done to my son?

Jorge looked into the eyes of Marcelo with a look full of hatred, and went to his cell. When Marcelo went to his cell, he saw that he ended up with one of the bodyguards of Jorge, and he was soon attacking him angrily.

-I can't believe you are staying in my cell. What have you done with my son?
-Easy, we did nothing with your son.
-How so? Where is he?
-My best friend left your child escape and Jorge ended up killing him, and that made me so angry. It's good to be in this cell with you, I can help you.
-How will you help me?
-Jorge will want to kill you, so I can avoid it.
-But why would you want to help me?
-To avenge the death of my best friend.
-But where have they have left my son?
-Relax. There is an advertisement on TV about your son. He is in an orphanage.
-How did he get there?
-I do not know, but he is there. Jorge tried to catch him.
-What the hell. But how is he?
-He is great. A woman helped your son.
-But how will I get out of here?
-Remember that I told that I can help you?
-Well, at the time that you were trapped in the house of your friend, I recorded everything that happened.
-And where is this recording?
-It is here with me. I could hide it without anybody noticing.
-But why did you record what happened if you did not know that your friend was going to die?
-Me and my friend were going to frame Jorge, so that we can get a large sum of money from him.
-Then hand me this tape so that I can prove my innocence.
-Easy. It is no like that. You will also have to help me.
-How will I help you?
-I want revenge on Jorge and you will have to help me.
-How do I do this?
-You will have to walk around, because when he sees you he'll want to catch you. Then you go somewhere where I will be hidden and we kill him.
-I do not want to get involved in a murder.
-To get out you will have to help me.

Julia and Lucas went to the police to notify the delegate that Marcelo is innocent. Lucas told the whole story to police, but could not prove it.

-Mr Delegado, Marcellus is innocent.
-My father is not criminal.
-Believe me, all that Lucas said is true.
-It may be true, but where's the evidence? We must prove it so that your father is released. I am sorry, but I cannot do anything.
-So will you let me see my father please?
-No, his father still cannot receive visitors, especially children.
-But I am an adult, I can see him.
-You can yes, but not today. Come back tomorrow without the boy.
-Okay, thanks Mr Delegado.

The next day Julia went to prison to visit Marcelo. The guards fetched Marcelo at the cell.

-You have visitor.
-It is a woman. Perhaps it is your wife?

Marcelo lowered his head and left the cell without answering anything.

-That way.

Marcelo was confused, because he had never seen this woman before.

-Who are you?
-I am Julia. Nice to meet you. I am the woman with your son.

At the same time he rose from his chair and began to ask about Lucas with uncontrollable anxiety, his eyes shining with tears.

-How is my son? Where is he?
-Easy, he is with me in my house. I took him to the orphanage where I work. And now I too have to justify myself to the director of the orphanage, because I cannot take any child from there.
-Where did you find him?
-He was walking along the road alone, sad, crying, saying he wanted his father. So I took him to the orphanage, so he can eat and relax a little, because I think he walked a lot.

Marcelo with tears falling from his eyes, began to ask questions.

-How is he? Okay? He is sleeping well?
-He's great. I left him with my sister.
-Oh good. Thank you girl...
-Julia, my name is Julia.
-Yes, Julia, thank you for everything you are doing for me and my son. I do not know how to thank you, sorry bothering you.
-Absolutely not. Lucas does not stress me at all. He is a great boy.
-Thanks again, my name is...
-Marcelo, I know. Your son told me about you and everything that happened.
-Yeah, he's too young to see these things happen, especially with his mother.
-That's true. But are these guys trying to kill you?
-My wife, she betrayed me with this guy Jorge.
-Oh sorry, but I think that a person would not want to kill a child because of that.
-Of course not, but my wife made him sign a paper where all his money would go into the hands of Lucas.
-But didn't she know that that money is illegal.
-I am sure that she knew for certain that that money is not illegal.
-Of course it is, he is a villain.
-I do not mean his money, but something else that is quite valuable.
-But what?
-I do not know, but I'll find out.
-I hope so. Well I have to go.
-Thank you very much Julia for what you are doing for us.
-Do not worry. I'm in this with you.
-No, no, no, do not get involved in this please, it is very dangerous.
-Now more than ever I'm in with you. I helped you, I am also involved. If you die I die too so I'd rather die helping you and also Lucas. He is a lovely boy. Bye Marcelo.

Marcelo left that room very confused, and kind of sad, feeling guilty about what Julia had said.

When Marcelo returned to his cell he began asking questions to Jorge's henchman who was with him.

-Answer me on thing. Jorge's money is all illegal, right?
-But everybody says he is a very rich man right?
-Yes, but what are you trying to tell me?
-My wife was not going to mess with illegal money.
-I do not know, maybe she was ambitious and stupid.

At that time Marcelo pushed Gabriel (the bandit that was with him in the cell) on the wall and was squeezing his neck.

-You wash your mouth before talking about my wife. You do not know what she must have suffered.
-Get off my face. Your wife deceives you and I am the culprit?

Marcelo releases Gabriel.

-I never saw a man defending his wife, knowing that she betrays him.
-Stop speaking of these things.
-You are right.
-But please tell me what else does Jorge has?
-Well, Jorge has a number of companies, businesses all illegal of course. But that before Jorge was a thug, he was a painter. He made a painting that became known throughout the world. This painting had anything to do with face, heart, blood .. ... ... love ... whatever, all this nonsense. I knew the name of this painting, only I forgot. This thing is very important for all museums of the world, and this painting is worth more than $: 300,000,000,000,000. This painting is the only thing he has, which is not illegal, on the contrary, the owner has to sell up to art house because it is a very valuable piece to the museum. So Jorge did not want to sell this painting, so it was that he hid the painting in the house of his wife.
-And where is the house of his wife?
-In front of a beach, in town of Ilhados. But man your wife was really stupid to have died for an illegal money.
-I knew, I knew that Lisa was not so stupid.
-How so?
-Forget it, forget it.

So when Julia came home, saw her house was a total mess, all completely out of place. Then she was like crazy looking for Lucas and her sister.

-Lucas? Roberta? Lucas? Roberta? Lu ...

When she went into her bathroom, she saw her sister dead on the floor. Julia gave a loud cry, and she yelled until the neighbors heard it, and then called the police. Julia was crying a lot sitting on the couch when she saw a note on the table in the room. She picked it up and read. It talked about where Lucas was.

-What is it? "The boy is in danger. The boy's father must say the password to release the paper on the bank, else the boy dies. He is with us in an ancient beverage company after the town of Cāntaros. Do not bring the police or the boy dies."

Julia was terrified, and afraid of what might happen. She hid the ticket and went straight to the police station to talk to Marcelo. When she arrived there she asked to speak to Marcelo.

-Delegado, Please, I need to speak to Marcelo. It is urgent.
-I am sorry but visiting hours ended.
-I know, but it is very important.
-Sorry, tomorrow they go to the prison of the city and there visits are allowed only once a month.
-Okay, thank you.

Julia sat in a square near the police station. She was very sad for the death of his sister, and thinking about Lucas. Then Julia started preparing the burial of Roberta, that would happen the next day. Marcelo was taken to court.

-Then Mr. Marcelo why did you want to kill another person?
-I did not kill Jean, it was all a plan from them.
-Of them, who?
-Jorge and the henchmen of him!
-So I suppose your fingerprints magically appeared in the weapon?
-No, I handed the weapon, but ...
-So, it is all explained. I pronounce you guilty.
-No please, I'm telling the truth.
-Take him away.

Marcelo went to prison along with other convicts. Jorge Canore was quite angry with Marcelo because he had not caught him. Julia, after attending the funeral of her sister, went directly to the prison to talk with Marcelo.

-Marcelo, you have a visit. You started well. After the first 5 hours somebody already wants to visit you.
-Who is it?
-A woman, better go.

Marcelo went into the visiting room with a slight smile, eager to tell Julia what he had discovered.

-Julia, glad you came here, I discovered something very important.
-I also have something to tell you, but you better talk first.
-Remember I told you that Lisa was not going to mess with illegal money?
-I did.
-Then she did not want Lucas to be the owner of all the illegal money from him.
-No. Before being a villain, Jorge was a painter and he made a very valuable painting that was important to all the houses and museums around the world. This painting is worth so much money. It would change the Lucas's life. Not only his life but also the life of his children, grandchildren and the entire generation of his family. This painting is not illegal.
-And you know where is this painting?
-I know. It is in the house of Jorge's wife. But why the sad face?
-Oh Marcelo, I came back home and everything was a mess. I went into the bathroom and my sister was dead.
-My God, and Lucas?
-They took Lucas with them.

Marcelo at that time became nervous like a madman.

-They left a note talking about where Lucas is. Read it.

Marcelo read the note and tears fell from his eyes.

-Marcelo I will go there.
-But it will be very dangerous for you.
-I will. I do not want Lucas to suffer such a horrible thing that these guys can do with him. The ticket says you have to say the phrase, to release the contract inside the safe.
-But I do not know what Lucas knows, and he said he had forgotten.
-And now? What will happen to my boy?

Marcelo was very surprised at what Julia had spoken.

-My boy?
-Oh, sorry I have so much love for Lucas that I love him like my son, despite having lost my first and only child. If he were alive today he would be six years.
-Sorry, Julia. I like that you have called my son your boy. Please be careful.
-Okay. I'll try to do everything possible so I can take Lucas out of there alive.
-Thank you Julia.
-There is no need to thank me. I also love that little boy.

They gave a little laugh and said goodbye. When Marcelo went to his cell, he found Gabriel, Jorge, and the other henchmen.

-Marcelo, what I told you will now happen. Do not fail me. Help me and I will help you.
-No, I cannot. I do not want to kill anyone.
-Even though the man who wants to kill you is the same man who killed your wife?

-Marcelo looked at the sky and gave a beautiful smile.

-We cannot take the law into our own hands.
-Weather you like it or not, you have to kill him or he will kill you.
-Now I will end your life, you pathetic idiot.
-Gabriel, get out. Back off you all. I want to stop this fool alone. Oh I want you to live knowing the truth about your son.
-What about my son?
-I sent my minions to take the boy.
-How did you do that?
-Marcelo, I am very rich, I have enough money to buy the world. You think I'm here because I have you?
-You are now a prisoner and must comply with the rules in here.

Jorge gave several laughs.

-You are really an idiot. I'm still here to kill you, and after you die I will leave here and never come back, and the truth that I have to reveal you is that Lucas is my son, not yours. You can take whatever exams you want.
-You're a monster.
-Call me what you want, it will not do anything.

Jorge laughed and went straight to attack Marcelo. He gripped the neck of Marcelo and took a knife to kill Marcelo but now Gabriel jumped on Jorge and stuck a piece of sharp wood in Jorge's chest. Jorge falls to the ground with his chest bleeding profusely and reached for his heart. Marcelo was very frightened by what he saw and ran to his cell. The henchmen of Jorge at the same time began to hit Gabriel. Unfortunately Gabriel dies. The guards saw the whole scene and did nothing. Marcelo sitting inside his cell looked under the bed and saw the recorder.

-There it is. Now I can prove my innocence.

After a few hours they took the bodies of Gabriel and Jorge. When Julia was walking down the street she had the idea of calling her ex-husband, who was a policeman in order to help her save Lucas.

-Jonathan? Are you at home?
-Hi Julia, how are you? What happened? Why are you crying?
-Jonathan, my sister died.
-What? But how did this happen?
-I am helping a child.
-What does a child have to do with the death of your sister?
-I found a boy walking down the street alone and crying, and I found that there was a villain trying to kill him. Thi villain wants to kill the boy and his father. His father is imprisoned in the city penitentiary, but he is innocent, and the mother of this child died. I want to help the two. I got involved in this story in such a way that I cannot leave again, and I really want you to help me save this boy.
-Where is that boy?
-Is in the hands of some thugs in the former beverage company after the city of ...
-Yeah, this is the name. Will you help me?
-Of course. I have to take some of my friends, so I can take the boy out of there with life.
-But they warned me not to involve the police.
-My friends are professionals, nothing bad will happen.
-Come then.
-Why Jonathan?
-Julia, I still love you, I have not forgotten you. Will you come back to me? I promise not to make the same mistake. Won't you give me one more chance?
-Jonathan, for your sake I have lost our son. That to me was the end of the world.
-I did not want you to lose our son, it hurts me too much. Will you come back to me?

Julia eyes filled with tears.

-If I had not aught you with that woman, I would not have fallen from that ladder. I loved you very much, but now I'm in love with another man, and I think I'll be happy with him.
-Do I know him?
-No, but you will!

They came down the stairs and went to the old beverage company. Once there, night had fallen already and Jonathan and his friends saw Jorge's thugs.

Jonathan and his friends were walking slowly without making noise. Julia also came along with them. When they arrived upstairs Julia saw Lucas lying on the floor crying.

-Lucas, come with me, come my love.

Lucas quickly went to Julia, but he stumbled on the floor. The bandits heard and saw Julia trying to help Lucas.

-Oh, so you wanted to leave without talking to me and my friends? Did you bring the password for opening the safe?
-No, and I would never give it to you.
-Oh yeah, so let's enjoy ourselves a little bit with you.

The bandits began to laugh. Too afraid Lucas began to run and fled from the arms of Julia. Julia was desperate for Lucas. The bandits started to grab Julia, it was then that Jonathan came with his friends.

-Release her, otherwise you die.
-Ah, only the three of you want to save the girl? We are ten, do you know that?
-Yeah, and we are thirty, all the company is surrounded, did you knew it too?

The bandits were surprised. They looked around the company and discovered that they had no escape and then they surrendered.

-Are you okay Julia?
-I am, but I do not see Lucas, he ran away from me with fear.

Jonathan looked at the sea that was in front of the company and saw Lucas sinking into the sea. Julia screamed for him. Jonathan jumped into the sea, trying to save Lucas. Jonathan started swimming for Lucas, but had failed to find him. Then he dived and saw Lucas, sinking deeper. He managed to get Lucas and handed him to Julia. Lucas had swollen lots of water. Julia was very worried. He was with the appearance of a dead child. Jonathan began first aid, and at that time Lucas began to see his mother.

-Lucas, wake up.
-Mother? Where are you?
-My love, wake up, I love you, I will always be with you, and never forget that life is wonderful when you are not afraid of it.

Julia was crying over the chest of Lucas when he woke up.

-Lucas, are you okay?
-I am, I saw my mother, I remembered what my mother always spoke to me. Will you lead me to my father?
-Yes, my love, yes, but let's take a shower and eat and sleep a little. Tomorrow I'll take you there okay?

Jonathan stared at Julia kissing and hugging Lucas and he wondered that he would be happy if he had not betrayed Julia, and he thought he would be even happier with his son at his side, and Julia still in love with him. The day after Marcelo proved his innocence. When he was leaving the prison he saw Julia and Lucas, both smiling at him. At the time Marcelo ran to Lucas and dropped to his knees to hug Lucas, crying.

-Julia, thank you for everything, I will always carry you in my heart.
-I have to tell you something Marcelo.
-I, I ...
-Speak Julia, you can talk.
-I am in love with you, I love you.
-I am also in love with you Julia since the first time I saw you.

Julia and Marcelo were looking at each other passionately with a beautiful smile on their faces and tears in their eyes, and then they kissed.

-Dad, I remembered what my mother had spoken to me.
-He remembered, yes. He told me he saw her.
-You saw your mother?
-Yes, and I remembered Dad.
-Then, let's go to the bank right now.

They went to the bank and managed to get the contract with the signing of Jorge Canore, stating that the expensive piece now belonged to Lucas Avelar. They went to the house of Jorge's widow to get the painting.

-Hello, good afternoon, I am Marcelo Avellar. I came here to take the painting of Lucas who is my son.
-But the painting belongs to my husband.
-No, here's his signature passing it to my son.
-Oh, wait a moment. I will get it.
-Thank you.
-I just do not understand why he gave this piece of art to a child.
-Well, it is a long history. I will only inform you that your husband died.

Marcelo, Lucas and Julia left the house of Jorge's wife smiling and the widow of Jorge crying and screaming at the door. When the three were walking in the town square, with their future in their hands, very happy, they see Jonathan.

-Julia? Can I talk to you a moment?
-Sure, wait a second love. I'll be right back.
-Ok love.
-You can talk Jonathan.
-This is the man you love?
-Yes, and I'm with him. We will get married.
-Oh, he is the father of the boy?
-Okay, I love you, but I want you happy. Be happy with him, but I'll always love you Julia.

Jonathan kissed the face of Julia and left.

-Julia, he is a friend of yours?
-No, he is my ex-husband. I'll tell you when we get home okay?
-Okay. Do you know name of this valuable painting?
-The face of love. It is a very beautiful painting. I think it tells about the beginning of our story.
-Yes, I think that too.

They began to laugh very happy.

-Julia, do you know what I'll do with all the money I get from selling this work of art?
-I'll donate all the money for the children who need help, so fewer children will go hungry in the world.
-Great idea, my love, but you fought so hard to achieve this.
-I know, but it only brought me sadness. There is only one good thing it brought me back.
-That's true Lucas.

They left laughing, and when Marcelo looked at the sky he saw Lisa's face staring at him with a beautiful smile on her face. Marcelo smiled and kissed Julia with all the love he had in his heart.


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