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Many, many years ago, deep in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, lived a girl who was abandoned by her parents. Her name was Luna which means "Great Moon". This girl was growing with a very strange family, a family of wolves. Finally, when she was about 15 years old, she was trying to find out who she was. She walked and walked and walked until she saw a house, a house that was very strange as you can see below.

When she reached the house, she rang the bell and waited. A woman answered the door. The girl was surprised because she had already seen women tourists visiting the Amazon and this woman was different from all of them. The woman was wearing a pointy hat and strange clothes that were torn at the tips. Luna then asked:

- Good evening, ma'am, my name is Luna. Can I come in? I'm hungry and cold!

- Of course you can! Come in!

Luna then entered. The woman's house was strange. She had a black cat and a broom that moved. Luna was surprised. What the poor girl did not know was that this woman was a witch. The woman then said:

- Come on! Sit down and help yourself.

- Thanks!

Luna sat down and ate a delicious soup. The woman then asked:

- Where are your parents, girl?

- I have no parents. My adoptive parents are wolves. I left to find out who I really am. I walked, and walked, until I got to your home.

The woman felt a strong energy coming from Luna, but said nothing.

- So young girl - said the Witch - It's too late to continue your search. Sleep here today and tomorrow you will continue your journey.

- Okay! Thank you very much!

The next morning, after Luna had taken her breakfast, the witch called her and said:

- Luna... I know who you really are... My name is Grunda and am a witch like you.

- How so? How do you know I am a witch?

- Because I felt a strong energy coming from you and searched through my old books and found your history. A long time ago when you were born...

Luna interrupted.

- How come? And my father? And my mother?

- Easy! I'll get there. You were born, your parents were peasants, and they could not afford to raise you. So they decided to leave you in the woods in hope that someone rich found you. But fate was different. A wolf found you and you were named Luna. That's why you understand the wolves' language. You were very luck! This book talks about you and why you have to be my apprentice, and why you should stay here. You'll be safe here. And then, you agree?

- Yes, if that is my fate I will stay.

Luna then stayed, studied, faced battle after battle, and I am writing this story to remind you of one the most powerful witches of all the realm of Magic. That's why I decided to tell this story, students, so you may know that Luna is one of the most powerful witches of all the realm of Magic.

WITCHPAH - Ana Paula

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