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  Anterior Icy Eyes Seguinte  

Meet my dear colleague Fedra. I've never anyone who committed to magic the way this sorceress did. For others wizards, magic is no more than a working tool. Fedra is pure magic herself. Unpredictable, independent and dangerous.

The final result and the initial luminous sketch

At the beginning I colored the drawing with alcohol markers


  Ghost Alfredo is forgetful and needs your help to remember.
Indicate whether the phrases below are true or false.
True   False   Adozinda started coloring the drawing with alcohol markers
True   False   Adozinda and Fedra are colleagues.
True   False   Fedra totally committed her life to magic.


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Copyright 2020, Sofia Ester.

My name is Adozinda and I am a sorceress.

I like magic and painting. This is my sketchbook.

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