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All pages of the sketchbook for year 2022

4/1/2022 How to summon a River Nymph
4/3/2022 Seven Little Portraits
12/4/2022 Nose and lips become more 3D in drawing
12/4/2022 Videos about ICT
18/4/2022 Coloring large areas fast and easily with colored pencils
23/4/2022 How to draw a semi realistic portrait on Gimp
29/4/2022 My first painting on a tablet
6/5/2022 Drawing a portrait of a girl with orange hair
14/5/2022 Drawing a portrait of a girl with yellow hair
20/5/2022 Drawing vitiligo skin
1/6/2022 The Money Fairy
7/6/2022 My first time with acrylic paints
17/7/2022 Mysterious blobs of ink
19/7/2022 Using ink for the very first time
30/7/2022 A Raposa e as Uvas da autoria de Esopo
13/8/2022 Amor ť fogo que arde sem se ver

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My name is Adozinda and I am a sorceress.

I like magic and painting. This is my sketchbook.