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All pages of the sketchbook for year 2020

15/2/2020 First Post!
27/2/2020 Self Portrait
2/3/2020 Apprehension
9/3/2020 Virus
13/3/2020 Poses of Sitting and Lying Down Humans
17/3/2020 The Blue Boys
23/3/2020 Angel
29/3/2020 When COVID 19 ends...
2/4/2020 Do You Need a Smile?
6/4/2020 Quarantine in a Bubble
11/4/2020 Sitting on Saturn's Rings
17/4/2020 Scan a drawing maintaining intense, vivid colors
23/4/2020 Pointed Nose
26/4/2020 Abstract Little Background Fun
3/5/2020 Unexpected
10/5/2020 Prince Charming Wants You!
17/5/2020 Stylish Black Coat
21/5/2020 Glitter
24/5/2020 Cliché Little Mountains
1/6/2020 Mermay 2020
7/6/2020 Purple Boy Is Very PURPLE
10/6/2020 Abstract Confusion
16/6/2020 Icy Eyes
20/6/2020 Looooooooooooooooooooooong CAT
9/7/2020 Through the Dark Forest
12/7/2020 Long Cat Takes a Bath
21/7/2020 Magic Eye that sees your Soul
1/8/2020 Fairy Ladybug
5/8/2020 Time Travelling with the Magic Cube
8/8/2020 First Drawing with Pastel Pencils!
14/8/2020 Beach Drawn with Pastel Pencils
17/8/2020 Apple Drawn with Pastel Pencils
21/9/2020 Mória, the Princess of the Deep Seas
3/10/2020 Long Cat shows belly
10/10/2020 So little time to draw!
18/10/2020 Mysterious Eye
12/11/2020 Gate to a Mysterious Forest
27/11/2020 Bored!


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Copyright 2020, Sofia Ester.

My name is Adozinda and I am a sorceress.

I like magic and painting. This is my sketchbook.