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  Anterior Rainbow Nymph Seguinte  

I drew a Rainbow Nymph with watercolor pencils and oil based colored pencils! I used oil based colored pencils for the face and watercolor pencils for the hair. I hope the colors of my work bring you happiness.

The Rainbow Nymph is responsible for all the rainbows worldwide. That's a lot of work! Today she feels particularly overwhelmed, but she knows she must keep constant attention to her duties for rainbows bring hope to humans and the kind nymph can't see her beloved humans suffer. The Rainbow Nymph always wears white, which is the sum of all the other colors, or black which is the total absence of color. In this manner the Rainbow Nymph shows no preference for any of the colors that she equally treasures.

Check, down below, the process of creating this drawing.


  Ghost Alfredo is forgetful and needs your help to remember.
Indicate whether the phrases below are true or false.
True   False   This Rainbow Nymph is responsible for all the rainbows worldwide.
True   False   The Rainbow Nymph has a favorite color.
True   False   Adozinda used pencils do draw this colorful portrait.


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Copyright 2021, Sofia Ester.

My name is Adozinda and I am a sorceress.

I like magic and painting. This is my sketchbook.

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