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  Anterior Recipe to invoke a succubus for Halloween Seguinte  


  • A crystal cat.
  • A bottle of expensive perfume distilled from the forbidden fruit.
  • Coins.
  • A passionate rose.
  • The petrified heart of a lost soul.
  • A feather from an unrepentant Fenix.

Today, I'll show you how to invoke a succubus. If the succubus is in a good mood, maybe she will grant you a wish. Proceed at your own risk because these magical beings are quite temperamental.

To invoke a succubus you need an invocation ring. Fill the center of your ring with water. Place your ingredients around the invocation ring following the figure of a six pointed star. These ingredients are your offer to the succubus. The more valuable the offer, the more you will incur her favor.

Next, mix three drops of dragon blood with the water.

Finally, say the magic words: Surge daemonium!

The succubus is now conjured. Good luck! You might need it...

In case of any doubts, please refer to the video and images below.


  Ghost Alfredo is forgetful and needs your help to remember.
Indicate whether the phrases below are true or false.
True   False   Succubus are good tempered, pleasant girls.
True   False   The more valuable the offer, the more the succubus will be pleased.
True   False   The center of the invocation ring is filled with orange juice.


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My name is Adozinda and I am a sorceress.

I like magic and painting. This is my sketchbook.

If you liked my art, please follow me on Instagram.