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  Anterior The Money Fairy Seguinte  

The Money Fairy has appeared on your screen blessing you with financial luck.

This fairy is a bit looked down upon by the other fairies who favor altruistic actions. Through the grapevine, they murmur that their sister bargained her soul for material possessions. The Money Fairy keeps her business though, wrapping herself in expensive silk dreamy gowns and enjoying the best money can buy. Money doesn't buy everything, though, and even the Money Fairy is painfully aware of that.

  Ghost Alfredo is forgetful and needs your help to remember.
Indicate whether the phrases below are true or false.
True   False   The Money Fairy preferred area of work is finances.
True   False   The Money Fairy doesn't care about material possessions.
True   False   The Money Fairy enjoys the best money can buy.


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Copyright 2022, Sofia Ester.

My name is Adozinda and I am a sorceress.

I like magic and painting. This is my sketchbook.

If you liked my art, please follow me on Instagram.