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All pages of the sketchbook for year 2021

14/1/2021 New Self Portrait
26/1/2021 Long Cat Epic Fight
9/2/2021 Mage Jupernino
19/2/2021 King Afonso Henriques in Female Version
2/3/2021 Joaninha is Flying
28/3/2021 Bright days and Dark Days
18/4/2021 Rainbow Nymph
30/4/2021 Pastel Alentejo
8/5/2021 Modern Mage
21/5/2021 Green Bikini
29/5/2021 Bicho com muitas pernas
18/6/2021 The Blue Vampire Caliope
23/6/2021 Abstract Interactive Mess
12/8/2021 Queen Cat
22/8/2021 Cat Lady
9/9/2021 Cherry Earrings
27/9/2021 Blue Eye
14/10/2021 Watercolor Sadness
2/11/2021 Recipe to invoke a succubus for Halloween
16/11/2021 Drawing comes to life and moves
30/11/2021 Windy Days

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Copyright 2021, Sofia Ester.

My name is Adozinda and I am a sorceress.

I like magic and painting. This is my sketchbook.