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The Prince Worth a Whole Kingdom

Queen Semiramis of Babylon

The Unicorn Who Doesn't Like Selfies

Carnivorous Flowers Taxonomy

Magic Flower Offering

Halloween Celebration

Diva Ourea and idol Vê from the BTeSSE group will perform at the Lisbon School of Magic

The Sad Flower

Bullied Mutant Flowers Shocking Images

Plant that gives sharp pencils! Spend no more on graphite!

Generation of Mutant Flowers at a Sorcery Lab

A Carnivorous Flower is better than a Dog

Magic ULTRA Rare Flowers Botany

Magic Rare Flowers Botany

Magic Flowers Botany

Ancient Manuscript Reveals Who Built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Differences Game with the Architect of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Evolution of the New Character

New Teacher at the School

Devblog of the New Game

Liliam, the architect of the new Hanging Gardens of the Lisbon School of Magic, misses her father. To appease her longing a little bit, today we will present the history of this late prince. Ara was the most handsome of all princes. Beauty is worth more than likes in Instagram. It can also be used to defend one's kingdom from hostile forces. In the particular case of Prince Ara, he managed to defend his motherland and stop the attack of an invading army resorting to his mesmerizing beauty alone. You can read the whole story here.


Get to know the mother of the architect of the new Hanging Gardens of the School of Magic of Lisbon a little better.

Semiramis, Liliam's mother, was the founder of Babylon. She conquered Persia, Assyria, Armenia, Arabia, Egypt, and all of Asia. She married Prince Ara the Beautiful, the most charming of princes. After a long reign of 42 years, Queen Semiramis ascended into heaven as a dove.

The realistic portrait of the Queen below was created resorting to a telepathy spell.


Today, a unicorn was spotted in the Hanging Gardens of the Lisbon School of Magic.

The unicorn approached Sorceress Liliam, the architect who is building the gardens, and said: "May this garden be blessed!"

Several of the wizards wanted to take a selfie with the beautiful creature, but before any of them could come any nearer, the unicorn disappeared. However, before departing, the unicorn wished a Happy New Year to all of our students and made a rainbow appear in the sky.

In the image below you can see a drawing of the unicorn created by the Sorceress Adozinda, who also sighted the legendary creature. This art was created with nail varnish, watercolors and brush pens.

The new construction of Hanging Gardens is ongoing and the unicorn's visit gave Liliam further encouragement for her arduous devoted work.

You can still play a game with the unicorn at this secret spot.


The Lisbon School of Magic has carnivorous potted plants that are looking for a new owner. These flowers will be your best friend, faithful as a dog, but unlike a dog, they leave no smelly gifts on the sidewalk for you to pick up. And they are also cheap! All they need is a few drops of water, plenty of sun and an occasional little head pat to make them happy.

However, while carnivorous flowers are eternally faithfully loyal to their owner, they can also be dangerous to strangers. For this reason, only sorcerers who pass the test can take one home. To prevent the carnivorous flower from biting strangers it is essential to call it by its name. Attend the training session of this class to learn how to call each carnivorous plant by its proper name.

Hurry up and get your guard flower now, before all the vases run out!


The Lisbon School of Magic is looking for wizards willing to adopt magic flowers. The plants are enchanted and respond to their name. So, to bring a vase home, you need to know the name of the specimen.

We are offering common, rare and ULTRA rare magic flowers that will give you the following benefits:

  • Common Flowers - Spread an exquisite fragrance in your house.
  • Rare Flowers - Purify the environment and keep germs, microbes and aerobic viruses that contaminate the air in your home away. These flowers guarantee a healthy family and are better than vaccines, in what concerns keeping the magic flu at bay.
  • ULTRA Rare Flowers - Exude positive energy and pacify family discussions or disagreements between friends.

Hurry up and get your flower before all the vases run out!


Gardener Liliam celebrated Halloween by planting giant pumpkins in the new hanging gardens of the Lisbon School of Magic. There are so many pumpkins that Liliam was able to make a pumpkin jam jar for each wizard. You can taste this delicious nectar of the gods here.


Plants love being talked to and, even more than that, listening to good music. To stimulate the growth of the flowers in the new hanging gardens of the Lisbon School of Magic, Sorceress Liliam invited idol Vê from the BTesse group and diva Ourea to act for them. You are also invited to this show.

The singers will give signed posters to the fans. Click here to get your exclusive poster before they all run out!


The conflict opposing the mutant flowers and the natural flowers continues in the flower beds of the Lisbon School of Magic. Natural flowers accuse mutant flowers of being false flowers. The mutant flowers became so sad that they refused to drink water and are slowly withering away.

Show the mutant flowers that all flowers are equally worthy of being loved, protected and admired. Click on all the sad flowers to cheer them up.


Even flowers can be a little bit sour to each other! Some of the natural flowers are whispering that genetically modified mutant flowers are not real flowers and therefore have no place in the new hanging gardens of the Lisbon School of Magic.

You don't believe that flowers are capable of something as vile and despicable as bullying? Well, in case you're suspicious, our security cameras have captured shocking evidence and definitive proof that you can watch HERE.


Sorceress Liliam and Sorceress Fedra worked hard to create new transgenic flower specimens for the Lisbon School of Magic.

After genetic recombination new specimens were generated from which we highlight the following:

  • Pencil flower - This plant will provide you with the finest quality sharpened pencil flowers. Spend not one more cent in graphite!
  • Diamond flower - This plant absorbs charcoal from ground and turns into shinny diamonds.
  • Leaflet flower - This technological plant blossoms tablets. However, you can only watch vegetation related content on the device.

These and many other mutant flowers are waiting for you at our new hanging gardens.

Pencil flower plantation for industrial
graphite production
Transgenic flower with cat genes


Sorceress Liliam has already gathered common, rare, ultra rare and epic magical flowers for her garden. Despite this, Liliam is still unhappy with the variety. Something is missing! However, what can possibly be missing when each and every specimen from the face of the earth has already been collected?

Therefore Liliam joined forces with Sorceress Fedra, a renowned specialist in occult biology, to increase the existing variety with genetically modified flowers. The two magic manipulators are in the middle of intense research at the laboratory.

Can you spot the differences between each photo of the laboratory?


Yesterday, an intruder tried to steal one of the ultra rare flowers from the new garden of the Lisbon School of Magic! To make sure our future hanging garden is safe, sorceress Liliam will plant epic flowers at strategic locations.

Carnivorous flowers are also useful for any wizard. After all, the one who is afraid buys a dog, but even better than that is buying a carnivorous flower. These epic flowers have a vast reputation for their aggressiveness and courage and will faithfully protect you. Fear your enemies no more, for the carnivorous flower will gladly, and without the slightest hesitation, give its own life to protect the owner, standing between you and any hostility!

Unlike dogs, these flowers do not need to be taken for a walk in order to exercise. Also, no more running after your dog with a plastic bag to collect every smelly gift it keeps leaving behind! In addition, carnivorous flowers only require the sun and a few drops of water to stay healthy. The sun, when it rises, is free for everyone, and water is cheap. Notice how much you'll save on dry and wet dog food!

The carnivorous flower is the optimal solution to all your security problems! Like the dog, the carnivorous flower will be your best friend, a friend without all the inconvenience and expense of dogs! You can find several epic specimens of these flowers here in this flower bed.

Can you spot the differences between each flower?


During her extensive research of the best flowers for our school's hanging gardens, Sorceress Liliam found a plethora of common specimens and an exquisite selection of rare flowers.

The new flowers now presented to our dear students are beyond rare, they are ULTRA rare. The only place you can admire these elusive rarities is at the Lisbon School of Magic, right here in this flower bed.

Can you spot the differences between each flower?


Sorceress Liliam has previously selected several magical flowers for the new garden of the Lisbon School of Magic. However, despite being magical, these flowers are quite common.

After searching further, Liliam found rare as well as magical specimens that can be admired here. The aroma of these new flowers is even more refined.

Can you spot the differences between each flower?


Sorceress Liliam found several magic flowers to plant in the new garden of the Lisbon School of Magic. You can see the beautiful chosen specimens here.

Can you spot the differences between each flower?


To this day it remains a mystery who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. These gardens are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A manuscript was found that finally solves this millennia old mystery. You can read all about it here.

This game is part of the historical research of the final game that we are developing for our beloved wizards :)

22 July 2019

Can you find the differences between the photographs of the Architect of Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

This isn't yet the final game that we are carefully preparing but another step towards that direction :)

16 July 2019

Today, I will show you the drawings I made for the character of our new game.

This is the very first drawing! What do you think about it? The pointed ears and the sharp bone structure at the shoulders indicate that the character is not totally human. Our girl is wearing boots and holding a shovel because the new game will be all about gardening, nature and flowers.


And this is the second version of the drawing. I do not like this version so much. The girl’s waist is not convincing and for some reason those shorts are not very stylish. Initially, I thought about dressing her in shorts because this would be appropriate gardening attire for working under the sun. Is there anyone out there who is a gardener? Am I thinking correctly?


And now I present you the third version. The hair looks better and the face is more delicate. I like it better. Furthermore, it seems more practical that a gardener should tie her hair, instead of letting it float freely in the wind. I kept insisting on the shorts and again I kept disliking them. I maintained the flowers in the shirt because I reasoned a gardener would favor such an aesthetic. But, by this time, the left leg started displeasing me, so on to the forth version we go!


In this forth drawing, I apologize for having sacrificed the convenient shorts to the glamorous dress. I like the face more and more, the waist is more elegant and the bones of the legs seem to be in the right place. And I also gave her a pair of shoelaces.


No drawing is complete without colors, so here is the next version. As this character is not exactly human I can afford more freedom. The hair can be green, really green, no merely dyed green, so green as the plants she cares for and the skin is somewhere between brown and yellowish, like the bark of the trees.


And, finally, this is the end result! The drawing may be finished, but the creature still needs a name. It must be an ancient name, because although her appearance is deceptively young, this being has millennia of existence. It also needs to be a name that is somehow related to nature and linked to the continuous renewal of life. What name do you think suits her best?


That's all for today!

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12 June 2019

A new teacher is arriving at the Lisbon School of Magic!

What do you suppose is her name?

And what will she teach?

Find out more in the video below.

19 May 2019

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