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Today, I will show you the drawings I made for the character of our new game.

This is the very first drawing! What do you think about it? The pointed ears and the sharp bone structure at the shoulders indicate that the character is not totally human. Our girl is wearing boots and holding a shovel because the new game will be all about gardening, nature and flowers.


And this is the second version of the drawing. I do not like this version so much. The girl’s waist is not convincing and for some reason those shorts are not very stylish. Initially, I thought about dressing her in shorts because this would be appropriate gardening attire for working under the sun. Is there anyone out there who is a gardener? Am I thinking correctly?


And now I present you the third version. The hair looks better and the face is more delicate. I like it better. Furthermore, it seems more practical that a gardener should tie her hair, instead of letting it float freely in the wind. I kept insisting on the shorts and again I kept disliking them. I maintained the flowers in the shirt because I reasoned a gardener would favor such an aesthetic. But, by this time, the left leg started displeasing me, so on to the forth version we go!


In this forth drawing, I apologize for having sacrificed the convenient shorts to the glamorous dress. I like the face more and more, the waist is more elegant and the bones of the legs seem to be in the right place. And I also gave her a pair of shoelaces.


No drawing is complete without colors, so here is the next version. As this character is not exactly human I can afford more freedom. The hair can be green, really green, no merely dyed green, so green as the plants she cares for and the skin is somewhere between brown and yellowish, like the bark of the trees.


And, finally, this is the end result! The drawing may be finished, but the creature still needs a name. It must be an ancient name, because although her appearance is deceptively young, this being has millennia of existence. It also needs to be a name that is somehow related to nature and linked to the continuous renewal of life. What name do you think suits her best?


That's all for today!

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12 June 2019

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