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Devblog of the New Game

Yesterday, an intruder tried to steal one of the ultra rare flowers from the new garden of the Lisbon School of Magic! To make sure our future hanging garden is safe, sorceress Liliam will plant epic flowers at strategic locations.

Carnivorous flowers are also useful for any wizard. After all, the one who is afraid buys a dog, but even better than that is buying a carnivorous flower. These epic flowers have a vast reputation for their aggressiveness and courage and will faithfully protect you. Fear your enemies no more, for the carnivorous flower will gladly, and without the slightest hesitation, give its own life to protect the owner, standing between you and any hostility!

Unlike dogs, these flowers do not need to be taken for a walk in order to exercise. Also, no more running after your dog with a plastic bag to collect every smelly gift it keeps leaving behind! In addition, carnivorous flowers only require the sun and a few drops of water to stay healthy. The sun, when it rises, is free for everyone, and water is cheap. Notice how much you'll save on dry and wet dog food!

The carnivorous flower is the optimal solution to all your security problems! Like the dog, the carnivorous flower will be your best friend, a friend without all the inconvenience and expense of dogs! You can find several epic specimens of these flowers here in this flower bed.

Can you spot the differences between each flower?


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